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strength for seniors.

Here is a little article from an aged fellow who has keep at his health. I look at it as inspiration for us all:   I am 60 years old and I do not consider myself in my “golden years” although I guess that is a combination of denial and life outlook. Regardless, I have only been […]

lift weights to run better

Strength Training is a simple strategy that will inject more youth into anyone body. Runner or otherwise. A few samples of some of the scientifically proven benefits and how they impact an aging runner: Lifting weights triggers higher levels of testosterone and growth hormone (anabolic hormones that build muscle) Successful running for seniors depends on maintaining muscle strength […]

Jogging with age

Things get harder as we get older. Many elements of physical performance decline with age –  The aging process kinda sucks. There are a few things you should expect: Lower maximal heart rate  Fewer muscle mitochondria that are also smaller Decreased levels of testosterone Lower growth hormone production Less muscle mass Higher body fat (this one is […]